Sunday, June 5, 2011

Tomb Raiders Debut Trailer Makes Uncharted Look Like A Pushover!

Sadly she's the biggest sex icon in the gaming industry but developers Crystal Dynamics wish to change the ridiculous sex symbol she is. Lets face it, the films and the theme rides don't necessarily bring justice to character of Lara Croft, basically just been known as "that sexy chick in video game's". The thing that makes it downright sad is that gamers take her seriously (or used to) as a character, she wasn't created as a sex symbol originally. Its ok to make females with massive tits in video games once the developers know that they're taking the piss, the likes of Bayonetta and Taki from Soul Calibar come to mind when developers just don't give a flying fuck for characterization of females. Its an interesting topic no doubt but it's one I don't wish to talk about in this post, if people are looking for such a debate I recommend you go here for female and video games debate.

I like the new look for Lara young and filthy, for some strange reason the look focus's a hell of a lot less on her beauty though this is just a personal opinion, what do you think? 

The debut trailer is awesome! I'm definitely digging this epic story of survival, it's a good theme for Tomb Raider. 

It does however look like Uncharted just with a female lead. It's annoying the way people think this as Lara was here long before Drake. And in fairness Lara's new game looks far more original, don't get me wrong Uncharted is a great game but if I wanted to watch a Indiana Jones movie watch an Indiana Jones movie. Lara seems to be going for as I said earlier a survival theme, a more realistic experience than some epic action scenes (there is nothing wrong with this). 

Just saying maybe women have a respectable leading female character in video games now? No? Yea, it'll take sometime to remake the image of Lara but here's for a first. 


Zombie said...

uncharted who? lol.

Adam Timmins said...

Lol exactly my friend.

Daisy said...

This looks epic.

Hemraj said...

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LoneIslander said...

This is going to be really good. I can feel it.

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