Monday, June 20, 2011

We have a Minecraft server!

(That jumble of text on the left is only there for me because of one my own mods so you don't have to worry about that)

Well not really we as a blog, more so it's a server my friend got and made me an admin. All blargers are welcome to join us. We have various mods, a VERY strict set of rules against griefing etc. and such but it's easier for you to see rather than read (if that makes sense). Just type in this ip and you can join our server. My username, as is on this and my ps3 is Theusualtype.


charmingguy said...

hearing a lot about minecraft these days, should check it out!

Theusualtype said...

You should :P Temporarily download a torrent of it then buy it because it is well worth the money.

RadGH said...

Wish I didn't already overplay the crap out of minecraft. I keep expecting some amazing new content update... but nope!

You should try industrialcraft, it's pretty fun!

Zombie said...

oh how I love minecraft!! :D

Adam Timmins said...

That's awesome dude!!

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