Thursday, June 9, 2011

Screw Modern Warfare, I want me some Jets...

I know a lot of you, TimTim included, are losing sleep over Modern Warfare 3's release later this year, but I for one think it will be beaten, bettered and battered by Battlefield 3 in many fields.

Well after the recent gameplay of MW3 at E3 and the fact it is almost impossible to tell it apart from MW2, i think that at this stage Infinity Ward are just getting lazy. They are very comfortable sitting back and letting the 10 to 13 year olds buy their shitty game cos its full of explosions. Now, I'm not saying this isn't good marketing, in fact its the opposite, but what about the serious, hardcore gamers who are swept to one side.
 Well thanks to Dice they're in luck. Bad Company 2 got rid of the whole Call of Duty ''lone wolf'' and brought a new concept called ''Teamwork''. Thanks to the squad system teams can work together far more effectively and can work towards the objective more efficiently. Now the game had its problems with the weapon and rank servers overloading and teh 1337 level 50's but then you look at CoD...Between the glass- breaking voices of ten year olds, tenth prestige hacks, out of map glitches, lock on and quickscoping to name a few, MW2's multiplayer has almost become unbearable. I for one will be spending my time online far from these problems and having fun ''spawning on my bro co-op style'' (that one was for Spartan) in Battlefield.
...And it has Jets


Paul Cuffe said...

No doubt BF3 will be the better game. However, this might seem strange from me but, calling Infinity Ward lazy is a bit extreme. I mean Half of their core designers followed the Founders in leaving the tyranny of Activision.

You've now got 3 developers working on MW3, and they're all new to it. They woould need to get familiar with the set up before they make drastic changes.

P.S. Thanks for that qoute :)

LoneIslander said...

I now need a rainbow sniper.....

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