Friday, June 10, 2011

E3 2011: Sony's Press Conference Review

Sony had a lot of explaining to do at this years E3 and if they didn't give us a show a lot of people would begin to question why they were in the gaming industry. Thankfully this is not the case, as Sony this year arrived centre stage with guns blazing and new shit to deliver, check it all here.

First up was Jack Tretton coming centre stage to apologise about the PSN outage. They couldn't ignore this and he addressed it as soon as he came on stage, and with much respect we felt that apology. It went a little something like this: 

Adam's thoughts: "I am glad he addressed this the minute he got on that stage, and thankfully the whole show made up for that outage as it was a loooong winter without PSN." 

Paul's C thoughts: "I thought they did a good job with the apology. I accepted it."

Paul's R thoughts: "I thought it was great, got it out of the way relitavly quickly, restored our faith, showed us that they can be trusted again."

Sony dived right into the conference with the exclusives and aimed high with Uncharted 3 at centre stage, check it out here:

Adam's thoughts: "Great demo, a new aspect of Drake I have never seen before in an Uncharted game looking forward to its release and how well it holds up against the original as it has a lot to live up to."

Paul's C thoughts: "I only have the second game, so I didn't know what was happening stroy wise. But I have to say it did look Awesome ! Makes me want to get the other games now."

Paul's R thoughts: "Not too much of a fan of Uncharted but this looks pretty epic. Fan of Tomb Raider so maybe I could get this further down the line."

Again with the exclusives as they immediately followed with another hardcore title Resistance 3, check it: 

Adam's thoughts: "Cool ass demo, really appreciated its graphics and gameplay. A lot of stuff was going on most of it I didn't understand as I have never played a Resistance game, but certainly from this demo I want to look at the previous games and decide whether I should pick this up."

Paul's C thoughts: "Resistance was one of the first games I got with my PS3. I liked it but I only beat it in co-op. I got stuck fighting some giant dinosaur thing in the second game and kind of gave up. Now Resistance 3 looks good, I'm just not in the mood for it."

Paul's R thoughts: "Didn't like Resistance 1, Didn't like Resistance 2, This one does look slightly better, all the violence looks pretty cool. Probably a  game I may mooch."
Next up is the announcement that BOTH original God Of War titles Chains of Olympus and Ghost of Sparta will be getting a 3D makeover. Also, ICO and Shadow of the Colossus will be getting 3D along with God Of War, check it here: 

Adam's thoughts: "Never played either of these game, but Shadow of the Colossus does interest me hugely. Its one of those games that I never got around to playing but will do now, thanks to this announcement." 

Paul's C thoughts: "I've never EVER played God of War or Shadow of the Colossus. It seems to be a good deal for hardcore fans of those series and people who haven't played them,like me. I might consider trying them out."

Paul's R thoughts: "I loved God Of War 3... sort of replay value was ruined for me, Played a bit of the first one so it should be good to see some of them redone in 3D with all the action involved. As for ICO Shadow of Colosous, I never played them at all and didn't even know of them until I saw the DLC pack on the LBP store so I can't really comment on them."

With all these 3D games you'd think they would release a television wouldn't you? Well Sony's got your back with an, affordable,  3D televisions at around $500, check it out here: 

Adam's thoughts: "This was an awesome announcement, 3D gaming is pretty freaking amazing but when you just look at the prices on the telly's you just know you are never going to experience it any time soon. This television makes the experience possible." 

Paul's C thoughts: "Absolutely amazing piece of tech. Really want to know how they worked out that 2 player looking thing, and love the cheap price." 

Paul's R thoughts: "Actually pretty cool product. Being able to have two people playing, with the 3D glasses actually streaming what their character sees to their glasses. Revolutionary if you ask me."

Move took over the stage boasting around 8.8 million sales worldwide, first they showed off NBA 2K12.

Adam's thoughts: " *Yawn* "

Paul's C thoughts: "NBA 2k12 is to basketball fans, what Fifa is to me."

Paul's R thoughts: "Don't care about the sport titles. Only thing I enjoyed about it is Kobe's fail. Although I suppose it's good for the bball fans."

A new Move game came on to showcase to end the Move on the centre stage of Sony's press conference, check it here: 

Adam's thoughts: "Its cool for the kiddies, its not for me but I see where its coming from and I like that there isint any awkward movement from the player."

Paul's C thoughts: "Not really anything I'd want to play."

Paul's R thoughts: "I don't have a move, don't exactly intend to get one unless it's a cheap Heavy Rain bundle. I have a Wii I don't need a more accurate one with no games on it. However this game does have some pretty cool features but doesn't compell me to get a move."

Next up is the announcement that Little Big Planet 2 will be getting Move features but soon switched over to an awesome Infamous 2 trailer, check it! 

Adam's thoughts: "Fucking love Infamous, my favourite Playstation exclusive can't wait to get this game first day!" 

Paul's C thoughts: "Meh.."

Paul's R thoughts: "Looks like an awesome trailer, unsure why they aired it seeing as it came out the next day but I am REALLY looking forward to getting this tomorrow."

Sly Cooper: Thieves In Time got a debut trailer, being developed by Sanzaru Games check it out:

Adam's thoughts: "So looking forward to this game, loved the Sly Cooper games when I was a kid and ill still probably fucking love this game even if its not developed by Sucker Punch."

Paul's C thoughts: "I had never heard of that game before. It was....different."

Paul's R thoughts: "Sly Cooper wasn't really a game I played much out of the big 3 Ps2 games (R&C, J&D and Sly). I was always more of a fan of Ratchet but I did enjoy the demos I did play of it, just never got around to buying it. Possible split game on the store"

From the makers of EVE Online is Dust 514, which will combine the MMO with the Playstaion game bringing the two connected together making this the first of its kind. Check it out here: 

Adam's thoughts: "Its pretty freaking cool, REALLY cool if you play EVE and own a Playstation.Though it's not my cup of tea."

Paul's C thoughts: "Now this is something I am VERY interested in. Since I'm not that good a strategist, I'll be playing the Shooter part of this game. I REALLY hope this game is succesfull because of its uniqueness."

Paul's R thoughts: "Like the whole mmo feel to it. Not sure if i'll get it because I don't like a lot of online shooters (APHELGM COD MW2 AND BO APHLEGM) Would to have to wait for reviews and try it out before I buy."

Next up is Sony's love letter to hardcore gamers by bringing Ken Levine on centre stage to announce BioShock: Infinte to the Move and a free copy of BioShock when you purchase Infinite on the PS3. The surprise was that Irrational Games will also be working on BioShock title for the Playstation Vita. Check it here: 

Adam's thoughts: "Had a nerd seizure when this guy came on stage, before the event I was telling the Paul's if this guy came on stage I would give Sony the first prize winner out of the big threes press conferences. Completely surprised that Irrational are making a game for Vita, so I am definitely buying that because I love BioShock. I'm a die hard fan!"

Paul's C thoughts: "I'm not the biggest fan of Bioshock. Just didn't click with me. Looks good for all those interested in the series."

Paul's R thoughts: "Looks pretty dam amazing. Hopefully it makes up for the shameful shit stain that was Bioshock 2 (Hated it with a passion) Gameplay does look pretty good. As I said to Adam when the trailer first rolled "Fuck Rapture"".

The next section of the show is Playstation Vita the new name for the NGP. The Vita showcased with Uncharted: The Golden Abyss, check it here: 

Adam's thoughts: "Seriously amazing graphics and gameplay, the Vita is a Christmas buy for sure!" 

Paul's C thoughts: "Hard to believe the PS Vita is powerfull enough to make that look almost like a PS3 game. Seriously can't wait for the PS Vita. Christmas is sorted ."

Paul's R thoughts: "In terms of unchantered you can see my above comment. However the VITA on the otherhand is amazingly epic. Amazing specs, game line up etc. The price is epic, dual touchscreens (Problem Nintendo) definite X-mas pressie." 

Next up another announcement for the Vita is Ruin a Diablo like RPG that is a top-down hack and slash. Check the gameplay here:

Adam's thoughts: "So its Diablo, except on the Vita? SOLD!" 

Paul's C thoughts: "I don't care, I just want the PS Vita!"

Paul's R thoughts: "This looks really cool. I like the real RPG deal. Looks like this could be a title i'd buy with my PS vita on launch."

Modnation Racers got a reveal on the Playstation Vita, check it here:

Adam's thoughts: "Its cool, nothing fantastic but its cool out of all the games this is my least favourite  but the thing is I'd still buy it."

Paul's C thoughts: "Looks spectacular. Love the touch screen features. Like a giant fuck you to Mario but i'd need to try it out before I would buy it"

Paul's R thoughts: " Looks spectacular. Love the touch screen features. Like a giant fuck you to Mario but i'd need to try it out before I would buy it."

Little Big Planet also got a port to the Vita with this trailer: 

Adam's thoughts: "Out of any game I want on the Vita its this one, endless amount of fun on the Vita if you got this game. I would never be short of anything to do with this in my pocket." 

Paul's C thoughts: "If I like LBP when I get to play my free download of the first game, I'll more than likely get this one aswell."

Paul's R thoughts: " Big fan of LBP, This looks really amazing and I like the motion controls. Really looking forward to it." 

And last but certainly not least is Supper Street Fighter X Tekken to be announced on the Playstation Vita with Cole McGrath as an exclusive character. Check it out here:

Adam's thoughts: "Take my money now!!!"

Paul's C thoughts: "Still proud of the fact I actually made Adam believe I had played Marvel vs Capcom when I almost whooped his ass. But yeah, I'm not that into these fighting games so I'll leave them to the people who like them. Look good though."

Paul's R thoughts: "Tekken Fanboy here. Been in love with the series since Tekken 2. This looks really fucking epic especially seeing as I recently had a go of SF 3D and really enjoyed myself.

Ahh, did I mention that the Playstation Vita will come at a price of €250/$250 for the Wi Fi version and €300/$300 for the Wi Fi and 3G version. 


Adam: B+
"They restored my faith as a consumer, and from this show I already know what games I am going to get along side the Vita. It was a great show and tops to Sony for delivering the games I want the way I want it."

Paul C: A
"A for awesome!"

Paul R: A- 
"Too many Move titles. Should've spent time on more important games. Loved all the tech. By the way DAYUSHT, god I love Iceland."


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