Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Borderlands DLC Review: Claptrap's New Robot Revolution

Its hard to believe but yet again we are blessed with another expansion from the folks at Gearbox Software but is it worth your time, effort and money to even bother with the Cl4P-TP interplanetary ninja assassin? 
He is one crazy bastard, he has showed you the ropes, introduced you to the town folk, washed your car and reminded you constantly that there where new missions at the bounty board and did you even thank him once? Well I dont blame you.....all he did was dance all day. Well now hes back and pissed than ever and has everyone on his side, claptraps, bandits, Koxx Trap and Ned-Trap you name it. He spreads like an infestation throughout the area of Tartarus which includes six new areas for you to explore.

Randy Pitchford the CEO of Gearbox Software promised to all Borderlands fans that The Secret Army Of General Knoxx (the third DLC) would be the last but now with the huge success of Borderlands and the title winning an AIAS it would be a dubious decision not to finish off what happened to the Claptrap. Now I love Borderlands I love it like a man loves his annoying girlfriend that he will, at some point, break up with her and thats exactly the relationship I have with my level 61 Mordecai. Yea I sure enjoy playing it with friends and love all the loot but the cell shading gets a little tiring on the eyes and the constant run, gun and collect gets extremely tiring. Now I havent bothered playing Borderlands since the Knoxx DLC which I thoroughly enjoyed, but I had to admit I was happy to see all those crazy weapons again and of course the little robots themselves even if they have guns on them.

Claptrap's New Robot Revolution takes place just at the end of the main missions when you seal the vault for another 200 years and you see the Hyperion government reprogram the first Claptrap you meet in the game, taking on the title Interplanetary Ninja Assassin CL4P-TP. The outcome becomes a massive revolution that every Claptrap rises to occasion, to stop this the Hyperion government send vice president Mr. Blake to sort out the problem in which it becomes to hard for him to handle and calls for the Vault hunters. 

The DLC does exactly what it aims to please which is adding more hours onto your Borderlands gameplay and give you laugh from time to time. If it was anything that was most memorable from the Borderlands storyline was the hilarious ending at the end so a proper expansion to finally head in our direction was somewhat a relief, however some players may feel robbed from some amount of lazy work that you couldn't help notice which was the boss fights sadly. The boss fights are simple repeats of what you did earlier in the game such as General Knoxx, Dr Ned and Steele sadly these arent the only three in the game more than three times (General Knoxx). Another thing about the DLC is that the 9 levels promised to us was not added alongside the DLC which was horribly disappointing considering all that waste of experience points. 
The DLC is a challenge no doubt and it was defiantly worth it considering all the loot I got at the end, in other words my bank is full from the amount of items I got. 

I smeared enough Claptrap oil on the walls to say "Mordecai killed the Interplanetary Nina Assassin CL4P-TP..." plus the last boss made me shit giggles defiantly worth a try. ★ ★ ★ 


Pandor42 said...

Looks awesome, Borderlands is very solid and an enjoyable game.

Adam Timmins said...


jesus2.lopez said...

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