Saturday, October 2, 2010

Gears Of War 3 DELAYED!

Well it looks like Cliff Bleszinski was completely wrong when he said you could totally sell a game in April quoting that "..Q1 is the new fall..", well considering that the game has been moved to fall of next year instead of its April 8 release, I say that's a bit of a bitch.....
Nearly every game I anticipate gets delayed at least once and its always the ones you would least expect it. For example Splinter Cell Conviction after being in development for almost three years gets delayed for the fourth fucking time, and games you would expect to be delayed such as Borderlands after all its controversies of it not selling at all was completely wrong and it stood its ground in a messy and fully packed Q4 of 2009. Yet publishers are bitches like that feeling that the game hasnt been marketed enough (which is usually there fault) and push it back to get some breathing space. Lets face it Microsoft has poured all its marketing into Halo Reach, which was money well spent, while Gears Of War 3 was left in the mist at E3 which seemed like a huge reveal of its gameplay, however it didn't seem like Gears Of War 3 was a big deal to Microsoft at the show, sure there wasn't alot at the show but why wasn't there any trailers? why wasn't there any big storyline reveals? and why didn't they announce Alex Brand? So many unanswered question made me think the marketing tactics Microsoft had for Gears 3 was pretty fucking rubbish, I kept thinking that sure Comic Con should have more reveals, some arrived to keep me at the edge of my seat but then Gears 3 just disappeared at PAX and then the Tokyo Game Show.

So im not completely surprised that they are delaying Gears Of War 3 for about 5 months maybe this time around we will get a worldwide release date, much more gameplay/reveals and hopefully a beta? Either way something has to ease the pain of my original plans of Gears and beers, lets just hope Halo 4 (or whatever 343 Industries are working on) doesn't collide with Gears 3. 

Expect to see some multiplayer footage of Gears 3 in the next couple of days! Stay tuned!


Arcade said...

I am disappointed that Gears 3 has been delayed, I just hope it doesn't turn into GT5 and have us waiting like 10 years just know whether its actually coming out, but I really hope they do release it all across the world at the same time, because this is one game I will be definitely picking up.

Adam Timmins said...

It just has to do with marketing as far as I know, hopefully it wont be pushed again I doubt they need to considering that its a triple A title.

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