Sunday, October 24, 2010

Diablo III: Demon Hunter Class AND PvP Multiplayer!

If you would look to the right you can clearly see that im incredibly busy playing Fallout: New Vegas which alot of hours must go in, so sorry if I cant be Bl4rGing at this moment in time however I do want to discuss the new and last character arriving into Diablo 3. 

I know crazy right? Like why, me a console player, would care about a Blizzard game? Well a couple of posts back I questioned about Starcrafts 2 and its release and wondering will Diablo 3 get that sort of attention, well I wont find out until its release date which could be 2 years away, but long story short I loved Diablo 2.

Yes yes its true when I went and searched for classic games to play I had the option of Fallout or Diablo and oddly I picked Diablo 2, it was one of the best games I ever played and still play it to this day. I just loved the crazy storyline of Demons and how I could bash them with a giant hammer thanks to my awesome Paladin the easy click and attack controls where something I admired, sure the RPG mechanics were not as good as Fallout, but it was kept simple and clean keeping the storyline pretty linear. 

So I was relived when Diablo 3 got announced something to keep me busy for at least 3 years. So far there was 4 classes Barbarian, Mage, Witch Doctor, Monk and now the new one Demon Hunter, she seems to like crossbows from this trailer......

To be completely honest I believe this character is for the ladies out there, after I saw the Monk I thought nobody could take his crown from being my day one character and thankfully the ranger character has not stolen that place. Yea she is pretty cool but two crossbows? Why not just a repeating crossbow like in Van Helsing? That would be much cooler.

So the new mode that has been announced to Diablo 3 is the player vs player multiplayer mode that takes your characters and puts it on the battlefield with other players that you have to kill!

Now if you would excuse me I have to play more Fallout: New Vegas...


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