Sunday, October 3, 2010

The BioShock Community Are Creative Little Sisters

A couple of weeks back I Bl4rGeD about how amazing the guys on the BioShock section on the 2K Forums really were by posting the progress of there very own Splicer masks, the outcome was something truly epic....

It all started with mr.Zero who created the image above and many like them where he posted the entire progress of his long and patient work on the bunny mask, which was clearly the best and most decorated mask worn by the best of all Splicers, Sander Cohen.

This post lead to a massive chain reaction where everyone who had the wildness to create this bunny or any other Splicer mask decided to to do there own work, and thanks to mr. Zero and co for advice and guidance the work was absolutely spot on.

I dont think you can get any better than these, they are just beautifully done you just have to nod your head at the creators and if you havent I would do so now

Now if your lazy like myself or just not that good with craft which (also like myself) you could always search Ebay in which you wouldnt have hope in hell or you would have to cough up alot of money. Or you could buy the masks NECA toys are developing at the moment, these masks consist of the cracked bunny masquerade mask and the iron welding mask is something to keep your eye out for. 

Now back to the to the main plot, every story comes to a horrible tragedy and sadly for mr. Zero that came to him in which his mask went off balanced and went crashing down on the ground and from this picture I can say shit truly does happen...
Ouch! The symmetry! That was so close to the finishing touches and looking at this picture hurts so bad. I feel sorry for mr. Zero who laboured over this piece for weeks and alot of people where disappointed that the mask never got completed which is a total kick in the ass. However mr.Zero like I said before encouraged alot of people to create there own Splicer Masks which turned out amazing by the way.

<-------This mask created by user name SimplySplicing finished and painted his Sander Cohen Mask which is 100% perfect. Fucking ace! 

 This mask by user name Precarious did a different style of Splicer mask and won the costume event at the Splicers Unite Event in Boston which is fucking awesome!  

I hope mr. Zero knows that he unleashed all this creative madness onto the forums and I just had to finish off this subject by posting all the finished goods however sadly for mr. Zero I doubt he will redo his mask.
Or willl he.........

Check out mr. Zero's site:


Anonymous said...

Fookin sploicers

Adam Timmins said...

Thats what I cant kept saying lol :P

Anonymous said...

I didn't like the first Bioshock that much, but I enjoyed the second one. And the third looks amazing.

Adam Timmins said...

Wow thats the completely reverse from most people, but I will admit I enjoyed the 2nd one ALOT :D

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