Friday, October 8, 2010

The Professor Layton movie "The Eternal Diva" info + link

In about a fortnights time the latest addition to one of the best loved series of the decade, Professor Layton shall storm onto TV screens in his first movie. The eternal diva is set before the events of "The Curious Village" making it the earliest part of the Professor Layton series. This adventure follows Layton and Luke (On his first REAL mystery with the Professor) after they recieve a letter from Laytons old pupil, Jenis Quatlane. So the dynamic puzzle solving duo set out only to be trapped in a game of epic proportions.

A lot of people said that such an idea could not be done, "How could the puzzle section of Professor Layton work on a TV screen" The masses called out. Well I'm here to say that they captured it perfectly ( they even found a way to incorporate the games puzzle theme song when they were trying to solve the answer). Sure we don't get to solve the puzzles ourselves but we see how Layton solves them with his genious intuition. Don't think that just because this is set before The Curious Village that we won't see any of our favourite characters such as Don Paolo,

We get a brilliant introduction featuring all our favourites (Who were met in later games) including of course Barton and the well-loved inspector Chelmey.

However any extras they could have incorporated were added in, Such as Andrew Schrader the professors mentor (Who is working on the Pandoras Box as we can see it in the background)

So it would be a bit silly for me to give you this review and not include the link. Well I come bearing gifts via this link. I hope you'll enjoy it as much as I have because this deserves 5 stars!

Link is Japenese with english subtitles.


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