Monday, October 18, 2010

Borderlands Game Of The Year Edition Launch Trailer!

The Claptrap is back to promote the all new Game Of The Year edition of Borderlands which comes with all DLC  which includes, Mad Moxi's Underboob....Dome, The Zombie Island Of Dr. Ned, The Secret Armoury Of General Knoxx and (my personal favourite) Claptraps New Robot Revolution. 

If you havent picked up Borderlands already I highly recommend you purchasing now with all DLC as one.
Its sad that Borderlands is now finished with kinda sad to see the little annoying bastard go, but we had some good times.....
No im not gay....*sigh* STEVE! 


Paul Cuffe said...

I think I'll trade mine in for this. Just to get the DLC on a disc. Might aswell free up the space on my hard drive.

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