Thursday, October 7, 2010

The Nintendo 3DS. Specs and possible launch games

Nintendo, after releasing the DSI:XL earlier this year, Have already begun the march for the latest in the DS family. As the name says, it's top screen is in 3D...WITH NO NEED FOR GLASSES.

At the E3 this year we were introduced to this machine. It already is known about it being in 3d but what else is there to this machine?.

• 3.5″ 3D Screen with 800 x 240 resolution.
• There is an analog slider on the side which sets the amount of 3d appearing
• 3″ Touch Screen – This screen is still in 2d.
• 3D Camera – The 3DS has three cameras – one on the inside above the 3D screen for taking standard pictures and two on the outside that combine images to create 3D photographs.
• Slide Pad – Similar to the analog stick on a Playstation controllor
• Sleep Mode Wi-Fi, When the 3ds is in sleep mode it can pick up free demos and such from other 3ds users!
• Motion Sensor with Gyro
• Game Card – 2GB (4 times larger than DS).
• Inputs and Outputs – 3DS and DS game cards, SD cards, headphone output jack.

So as you can see this console is easily the most powerful handheld we have ever seen. The graphics are said to be close enough to the graphics of a PS3/ Xbox 360. Some may be wondering what the whole "3d slider" is and why it is put in. Well people have said although it is in beautiful 3d you need to be looking head on to get this effect. To put it in simpler terms, If your in a bumpy car journey/plane journey etc. The 3d effect will be ruined.

You may have noticed that there's going to be NEW games out (Well it was pretty obvious anyway that there would be new cards).
The game list is set to be one of the most epic console release game list ever.
Here are just some of the better games which you can expect;

  • Metal Gear Solid 3d: Snake Eater
  • Kid Icarus: Uprising (About time Nintendo went back to one of their original titles)
  • Dead or Alive, Chronicles
  • Lylat Wars 3d
  • Nintendogs and Cats
  • Kingdom Hearts 3d (>
  • Mario Kart 3ds (>
  • Professor Layton and The Mask Of Miracles
  • Resident Evil Revelations
  • The Legend Of Zelda: Orcarina Of Time 3d
So as you can see the game list has both new games and 3d re-makes of AMAZING games. And with the release date set for Early March in Europe and America and February for all you crazy Japanese and with a rumoured €200/$250 price tag this is definitly set to set the standard for future handhelds.


Megan said...

I love the old Pokemon sprites! Haha. Just nostalgia.
If I had the money, I would definitely by the 3DS. Thanks for the game list, I wasn't aware of that. I loved the other Mario Karts (Well, I didn't play the original) and I would love to play Ocarina of Time again.
Hopefully a friend or a family member gets it so I have a chance to see it.

Ankiseth said...

I've been excited about this for months. I can guarantee I'm going to buy the fuck out of this one.

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