Thursday, October 7, 2010

Gears Of War 3 Multiplayer Revealed, Beta Coming Next Year + Dedicated Servers Announced!

Where to start? Gears Of War 3 gameplay was revealed at E3 to demonstrate the stunning graphics and the setting the game will take place in, but now its time to get down and dirty that is surely going to give you a hard on at first glance and probably get you wincing from disgust of the horrible executions that you will be jumping in the air about.
Its no doubt that Gears Of War 2 multiplayer was full of shit, the lagg was ferociously terrible and you would be much better off finding each individual throughout your country who has an Xbox 360, a copy of the game and Xbox Live to sit in the same room with different televisions then to wait for just 10 players. Not saying I didnt like the multiplayer it was just poorly created but after achieving 50 levels it became impossible to find people to play with especially with all the new updates. Gears Of War 3 multiplayer has a lot to owe players who sadly endured the harsh glitches, bugs and laggs that was offered to Gears players in 2008 which was a shame since the campaign was amazing along with a great co-operative mode (Horde). Thankfully Epic have learned from past mistakes and are now introducing dedicated servers to the Gears 3, hopefully this will be a new dawn for the Unreal network problems?
Either way Gears 2 multiplayer lacked alot but hopefully Gears Of War 3 new multiplayer content should surprise you.

The new multiplayer modes are more or less a combination of what we previously played before with Gears 2 and the new menu is certainly a much easier way to navigate around the multiplayer modes and defiantly easier to invite your friends to a game by just floating over to the right hand side of the screen. Execution and Warzone have been completely untouched along with Wingman with the exception of 8 players instead of 10 to balance the game out. There are now 3 new modes revealed at the event which are Team Deathmatch, Capture the Leader and King of the Hill, Team Deathmatch is the basic team deathmatch you would see with Call Of Duty the aim is to simply kill the opposite team but with a little twist which is you only have 20 lives for each team, run out of those 20 lives it becomes Warzone more or less which toward the end it seems pretty intense with a nice finisher. Capture the Leader is a combination of Submission and Guardian where you have to capture the other teams leader and bring him/her to the correct area, on the locust the playable leader is Queen Myrrah on the COG its Chairman Prescott who both have the ability too look behind obstacles with some sort of sonar goggles or a new version of Tac Com this makes it easier for the leaders to command there teams to better and much strategic quality. King of the Hill is a mixture of Annex and King of the Hill the whole idea is to get as many players in the ring however you dont need to stay in the ring it also moves around the map similar to annex. 

The weapons of Gears 3 somewhat make the experience of multiplayer that bit more exciting however for this to be a successful post im just gonna show you these videos: 

The most surprising new element of the gameplay shown here is the iron sights on the Hamerburst which only has the iron sights so far in the game, all the executions in the game are unlock-able to give a rich reward for those who have higher levels I have to admit alot of them are incredibly badass. Alot of different kind of weapons will be unlocked also such as the deadly cute lancer which is the pink lancer in the second video, not only will weapons get unlocked character skins such as the Cole Train's thrashball costume (outfit whatever) is also making its way into the game, perfect to wear at the thrashball stadium one of the new maps in Gears 3. One of the most impressive and clearly the best weapon to enter the game is the double barrelled shotgun which I believe can take out three players with one burst in video two you say the player kill two guys at once ouch. Another big weapon that people are excited about is the plancer or the Pendulum Era Lancer which is a close ranged weapon with a massive bayonet on the top of it with a charge ability we all now and love from the E3 demo. 

Gears Of War 3 multiplayer maps will feature more sudden changes in the maps such as Nowhere from Gears 2 when a sandstorm devours the map making it impossible for your vision to see beyond five steps from you. I will not go into massive detail with the multiplayer maps but they are however do feature much variety. 
Overall the Gears Of War 3 multiplayer gameplay looks as solid as ever however I will update as more comes out so stick around for more videos. 


Paul Cuffe said...

FINALLY a beta ! Epic has seen the light. This is looking sweet aswell. Faster, crisper gameplay. Can't wait. Too bad you'll be a 6th year when it comes out though.
P.S. Longest Bl4rg EVER....of all time...

Adam Timmins said...

Somehow I doubt that but its a midnight release for me Gears and Beers as I call it you should join me future college boy Paul!

Anonymous said...

I just had hardcore sex with my computer while I watched those videos.

Adam Timmins said...

Think thats bad I just came when I saw the two words dedicated servers, what I did when I saw the videos was unspeakable.....

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