Thursday, October 21, 2010

Graphic's Of The Future Look Mind Blowing!

Technology is always advancing every year and so does are video games, so it always awesome to get a sneak preview of what's going to be in store for us in ohh....I dont know 2 years?

3DMark11 is basically the benchmarking for testing the limits of what PC gaming will be like for DirectX11 in the next couple of years by Futuremark.
In the demo we can clearly see how much detail any designer can put in there video games making much more opportunities for everyone in the industry, what was most noticeable about anything in the video is defiantly the lightning much more radient and more atmospheric I guess you could say.
But then again actions speak louder than words.

I strongly advise bringing this to 1080p and full screen it just to pretend that your computer could run this, but sadly it cant and no consumer priced hardware out there sells this kind of performance so sadly for us we must wait a little while. 
Its interesting to take this into account, this is after all what we love to watch every day of the week and its always beautiful to watch it improve. 
I love to test this new stuff to other game engines out there now lets take a look:
Unreal Engine 3

CryEngine 3

Compare and see what you think yourself but to be honest the only huge change we have seen from both engines is shading and lighting, which has more or less changed the game over the past couple of years. Taking Gears Of War 3 for example shows that by just adding color and completely different lighting system just shows how big of a difference that is to a game.


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