Sunday, October 10, 2010

Game On Exhibition 2010 Review (Dublin)

Grrrr.... Theusualtype is eating up alot of posts about his mad love for Nintendo in which I envy him, I am not mad into "family games" even though I posses a Wii and alot of my childhood was eaten up by the Super Nintendo Entertainment System. But I did get a nice trip to Game On in the Ambassador theatre to enjoy all the past and family games and to see how the gaming industry itself got to where it is today.
Ten Euro admission for one hour was enough for me to try out all the games I wanted to play, there are other tickets such as family tickets for whole family where you can stay for about three hours or something along those lines either way your going to be spending some time at this event. You do have to take into account that this is a family event there is no Gears Of War, BioShock, Mad World, Assassin Creed, Killzone, Call Of Duty, Dead Space, Manhunt, Resident Evil or Silent Hill those violent video games are defiantly not at this event and yes I know it is meant to draw the "hardcore gamers" but with less blood, sadly. 

Now on to the games, this event is not about the industry per say its about how we got to the point where we can we have 3D gaming and have all different kinds of genres of games instead of your typical action shooter. Its more or less the history of gaming and how we toyed around with different platforms to finally find one we are most comfortable with because in the 70's there was a whole bunch of consoles not just three. I admire how this event was laid out and how easily it was to access these games (just run up to them) and, if you want, learn more about what your playing.

The games are all put into different sections, you have the very first popular game as you enter (Pong) and then  all of the most popular arcade games right in front for you to play, then to second section where there is a whole bunch of old consoles such as the Sinclair ZX81 to my first console the Super Nintendo, the family area which consists of mainly Pokemon (awesome) and the first Game Boy which released in1989 and we then found this awesome cookie monster game......
The last section was modern gaming the likes of Halo, Rock Band and Red Steel where at the event along with this crazy simulator game called Steel Battalion which used a unique controller to drive this massive beast of a tank. This section was pretty cool featuring games like PES 2009 and some Ping Pong game that I mess around with. Uncharted and a few racing games all arrived under this section with the exception of a dancing game for all you middle aged women.


Overall this event was a delight to go to but what proved to me that this was more of a family event was when I was just sitting playing in the sports section while a kid and his mother enjoying the shit out of PES 2009 laughing excitingly at the essence of the intensity of the video game which showed to me lots of hope for the industry and that we have a long way to go.

Out of 5:  ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ 
Must see for any gamer in the Dublin area or for any family that is looking for a genuinely good time. 


Theusualtype said...

I thought you wanted me on this so I could bring in Nintendo and Ps3 stuff. lol

Adam Timmins said...

I did yea but let me have some.... lol

Ankiseth said...

That sounds amazingly awesome...too bad I live a couple thousand miles away. I'd LOVE to go to that. :-(

Adam Timmins said...

It travels around dude it started in Australia came to England then to Ireland so my next guess is America.
Keep an eye out for it.

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AquaFox said...

Pretty sweet blog man! definitely looking forward to more!

Adam Timmins said...

Hey! Kraxpelax! No spam even if I like poetry....
Thanks AquaFox :)

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