Thursday, October 28, 2010

Killzone 3 Demo Hands On + Pre-Order Goodies In Helghast Edition!

Its no doubt that Killzone 2 is one of the best looking games on the PS3 the way it played, well that was a completely different story all together, but it was still a good game, however, not a great game sadly due to its clunky controls. Its great to see though that Killzone 3 has defiantly improved much of these problems making it the rank of the great game it finally deserved from the beginning.

So I got hands on Killzone 3 at the PS3 HUB event in Dublin, Ireland on William Street just a couple of weeks back where I got to play 3 missions from the epic PS3 exclusive shooter from Guerilla Games.

I was first introduced to Sev and Rico floating on there vessels overlooking a beautifully scaled Arctic environments everything looks so peaceful, that is until I start firing my mini gun. We rotated around from building to building blasting at the Helghans and there buildings destroying anything we marked as Helghan territory, Sev and Rico meanwhile with there further ISA brethren act casual as always as they discuss the mission ahead (sadly im blocked off from any sound so I cant give any details). Sev looks war torn and his uniform is tattered from the battles that rage on the planet of Helghan while Rico looks oddly unchanged. 

After blasting the Helghans into oblivion it was finally time to put my feet on the ground and to experience the (hopefully) new controls Killzone 3 had to offer and surprisingly they work. From the gameplay it looks pretty evident that nothing has changed however it is a different experience, it sure isint next generations graphics that we expected from a third instalment but then again, can we get any better than Killzone 2 graphics? Not for at least another 10 years id say. Killzone 2 controls was a drag through the whole game, way to loose and clunky which made the gun play amazingly awkward, however it is great to see that Killzone 3 controls are tighter and much more responsive instead of the drag we experienced in the previous game. 

Thanks to the much better controls going through Helghans with my assault rifle was an awesome experience still keeping the realistic camera movement and a better/faster iron sight made the action much more solid. 

As Rico and Sev continued we finally ended up facing some Helghans equipped with jet packs which is the newest vehicle in Killzone 3 that made its way from the PSP game Killzone: Liberation. These enemies if shot at the right spot will lose control and die in quite a hilarious manner and finally taking control of these big machines are blast to witness, the jet pack is quite easy to control you when figure out the flame colour. e.g. purple is boost and red is hover, when these are figured out its quite easy to preform some awesome moves when being surrounded especially when you have a massive area to mess around in. 

The final mission lead me to discover the Wasp a huge multi-barrelled rocket launcher with one blast destroys a Helghan tank, this spewed rockets in the air when pointed in the right direction barrels through enemy armour. 

If the above description did not convince you that this game is going to be quite epic then you probably should check out the Helghast Collectors Edition which is picture below.

So from this you can get the replica Helghast helmet, a Cloaking Marksman action figure, an Art Book, a "Super Voucher" oh and of course the game. 

This edition is a back stabber to the wallet costing you $129.99 but is it worth it? I suppose it is, if you absolutely love Killzone!


Paul Cuffe said...

Glad to hear the "clunkiness" in the aiming is gone.
If that Playstation hub is still there, we should have another look.

Adam Timmins said...

Yea I wanna see what Socom is like on the move.

Hitchcock said...

Whoa thats an pretty awesome blog.
definetly following.

@ post yeah i too wanna see what Socom is gonna be like

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