Thursday, February 3, 2011

Bullestorm Takes The Piss of Call Of Duty and Halo!

Its always exciting to see EA's marketing strategy for any game. They're always wacky and sometimes have nothing to do with the game but sometimes, like in Bulletstorms case, its quite funny. 

Notice all of EA games that don't necessary appeal to casual gamers (the likes who only buy Call Of Duty and Fifa) are games that always try different methods of marketing. By thinking outside the box Bulletstorm, Dantes Inferno and Dead Space 2 are all examples of the completely wacky stuff EA are advertising.

One of the most disturbing things EA has advertised on television was this ad. A queer and awkward ad that shows a man advertising how to get taken woman, such as your brothers wife, and then leads to a website called which turns out to be a splash page from the Dantes Inferno website. It got a lot of people talking on Twitter either protesting or either falling in with  the joke. The advertisement was to promote EA's Ninth Circle of Hell featured in the game, which EA has been doing other wacky methods of advertising over the past nine months. All of it can be seen here.

The recent Dead Space 2 release didn't have a lot of strange advertisement, but up until its release they had to do something out of the box.. So they got a lot of "moms" and documented them watching Dead Space 2 because whatever "moms" hate becomes instantly "cool". Though it was a complete fake (as in it was obviously actors) the advertisement did get quite a lot of people talking on the radio and gaming journalist alike. It was unusual, but it was successful. 

So that brings us to are recent game Bulletstorm, an over the top first person shooter that is trying to bring innovation back into the genre. Read the gameplay here

So Bulletstorm is trying to combat all other FPS's by saying they are all boring, harsh statement but somewhat true. The genre has abused over the years and recently is starting to get quite distasteful. But EA's advertisement on Bulletstorms vigorous campaign honestly doesn't falter.  

So game advertisement are getting far too serious these days and a perfect example of this is the Halo 3 Believe trailer that was basically all over the place. Its very unlikely that nobody has seen the Believe trailer so it was a good choice for the Bulletstorm team to vomit all over it. Which I guess they did. 

The most recent piss take is when EA launched a mock site called Duty Calls where you could download the free game. The game was made by People Can Fly and was no doubt making fun of the Call Of Duty franchise, the gameplay aspect is very basic FPS and does shed some truth on the entire aspect of where are FPS's are going these days.

The recent Bulletstorm ads are simply too good and EA defiantly got it right with these two videos. EA are making the industry a little less serious but when a game like Bulletstorm comes along I guess EA's wacky advertisement is perfect for a game like Bulletstorm. Heres hoping EA takes on more games like Bulletstorm. 


LoneIslander said...

Looks like a pretty good game.

Paul Cuffe said...

It's nice to see these kind of game ads. A breath of fresh air from all the super serious trailers that have become so common.

P.S. The Duty Calls ad was SPOT ON.

The Angry Lurker said...

Looks like a lot of fun.

Adam Timmins said...

Oh yea, it will be.

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