Saturday, February 19, 2011

Walking Dead Is To Be A VIDEO GAME!! Jurassic Park Debut Trailer And Fables To Be A Video Game!!

Telltale Games are crazy bastards! Four games both to be episodic are being made by one studio. Absolutely sick! But they are no doubt a talent studio who worked on one episodic game Sam and Max Beyond Space and Time. But four games really?

Its quite a handful, and it does make any consumer question the quality of these games but nonetheless its going ahead and we better get used to it. Jurassic Park, The Walking Dead, Fables and Back To The Future are the four licensed products they are making. But only three of them is big news.

First up is the announcement of Fables a comic by Bill Willingham published by DC, im not quite sure what this comic book is about since im only familiarizing myself with it now. Expect more on this later.

The announcement of Jurassic Park came a month back along with some really pretty screenshots. It defiantly looked like a serious product basing itself around the comics, books and movies. From the debut trailer it takes itself serious, but for a game exclusively for PC and MAC doesn't sound like my cup of tea. Dont get me wrong I love Jurassic Park but unless the gameplay is really appealing I may consider it.
Check it here:

Last but certainly not least is the announcement that The Walking Dead, the hit TV show and ongoing comic book series is becoming a video game. Although this was predicted after a little hint one of the devs gave, its now coming in an episodic form to all platforms. Now lets face it, the television show is awesome, the comic books are even more awesome and the video game well....That is exactly what I don't want to be saying in a few months time, hell no! I love the Walking Dead its the best zombie tale ever written in my opinion. So lets not fuck it up, ok Telltale? The better news that comes from this announcement is that Robert Kirikman (The Kirkman) is working with Telltale to deliver the awesomeness. That's a relief.
You never could be good...


Dania said...

great show, cant wait for the game

Major.Mack said...

i dunno... with universal in there they could have spent more and made better graphics. Looks like it should have came out 10 years ago

Adam Timmins said...

Yea, they probably downgraded it for MAC users.

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