Thursday, February 24, 2011

Dragon Age 2 Demo Sucked!

I dont know if it was just me or the fact that my broadband was so bad that it took 2 hours for the fucking demo to fully download, but either way my conclusion still stand that my brief encounter with this game was awful. 

I am going to come out and say that I never played the first game, Dragon Age Origins, and to say that it never necessarily appealed to me from looking at the gameplay. I also never truly enjoyed Mass Effect so Mass Effect 2 was also entirely out of the question for me. Something about BioWare that pisses me off you ask? Nope I have nothing against these guys, I was routing for them at the VGA's to win Best Studio because of the fact they have been balancing two series with a massive MMO on their backs (Star Wars: Knights Of The Old Republic).

I dont like Mass Effect because,well, its way to Sci-Fi I dont know how to put it. Firing plasma from your gun or some other pink shit can get really boring at times, but not only that, the fact that its like a hybrid between Star Wars and Star Trek makes me vomit a little. To put it short I don't like Sci-Fi's! 

So Dragon Age? Well I actually love fantasy, its something I cant get enough of. J.R.R. Tolkien and David Eddings being my two favourite writers setted the foundation of fantasy storytelling in my opinion. From what I can tell in Dragon Age, dwarves are small and love axes, elves are big and love trees something very similar Tolkien wrote in his story. A little diversity with these races could have been nice, it was easy to guess by just looking at the game. 

So establishing that its the same as any other fantasy game Dragon Age 2 spices its combat up with four abilities you can access by pressing X,Y,B (for Xbox 360 controller) and A which is the button you will be pressing repeatedly to kill these darkspawns or whatever the fuck they're called. To be honest these darkspawn look fucking ridiculous the character models for these are terribly shit looking not making them threatening at all. 

Its the first game in a long while where I can genuinely complain about the graphics, they are very shit looking, getting close to the character models in dialogue truly show the imperfections and how flat it looks. The map itself in the demo isn't at all exotic or remotely interesting to play on, from what I can remember it was a lot of dirt and blood, but thats it. 

The camera angle from the third person perspective is way far out, like the combat is really gritty which gets me ticklish inside but I can barely see them guts flying. The gritty style its got going for the game got me interested but when I saw how far the perspective was I realised my experience with this game wasn't going to be the best. 

There was a lot of talk around this game and hype, I have heard that it is more of a PC title but I can honestly say its one title I will not look twice at.


The video below shows how I feel about this game xD 


Theusualtype said...

I loved the first game , got it for a lend. Didn't play it much but thought it was great and like a mini World Of Warcraft. In fact, I think i'm going to download it for my computer right now :P

Adam Timmins said...

Pfft...Tell me how it plays, I liked the idea of switching between characters.

Kelli said...

It wasn't your broadband, mine took forever to download also. I totally agree with you there was really no hype to the game.

Steven said...

I'll be honest with you, I agree with you on mass effect, I myself am not a huge sci fi player, but as far as Dragon Age goes I loved the first one, and the demo just made me cry for more. I'm a huge fan of Fantasy and RPGs. After logging about 70 hours in the first game and then playing te demo I can officially say that I'm a big Dragon Age fan. That said I do agree with some of your points. Yes it took forever to download the demo, but in all fairness it was almost 2 gigs. As far as the gameplay goes, the combat system is vastly improved from the original. The only problem I had with it was that when you were fighting a group of enemies it was kind of difficult to single a certain one out. And as for the graphics they are much better than the previous installment and I for one thought the landscape was very well done. The character models are fairly decent, but I won't say they're the best I've ever seen. All in all I must say that I think this will be a great game but at the same time some people aren't going to like it because it's not the traditional rpg that some people seem to expect it to be. Please understand that I'm not flaming your comment I just believe that this might not be your type of game whereas people like myself are having a hard time sleeping at night waiting for this game to come out.

Greg said...

For the record let me state Dragon Age Origins and the Dragon Age 2 Demo were ten times better on PC and downloaded faster. Yes, I've played both. Just my Two Cents.

Anonymous said...

demo took about 30mins for me to download.
play the first one and then play the demo again and see how massively improved it is before you go on about how terrible it is.

Anonymous said...

I played DAO 3 times. This next installment sucks. People who think the graphics are better in this new one haven't a clue. Compare what the Ogre looked like in the original to this one. In the first one wen you ran across one it was a OMFG moment. They looked menacing. In the demo at least they were pretty blah and died WAY too easily. This game was dumbed down for the console plain and simple. Kinda pissed they canceled the signature edition since that's the one I pre-ordered. I think I will be skipping this and hoping Bioware does a better job on their next fantasy RPG and don't give us PC gamers the finger like they did in this game.

Adam Timmins said...

@ Stevenn, respect. But I am trying to get the point across from someone who just never played the first one and thought it would be worth while picking this up. I played this demo and I didn't like it, its definitely not my game like you said. And I can understand why you are anticipating this game no doubt I have been there.

@ Greg. Your two cents certainly reconcile with the rest of the world, in which I would probably have to agree with you. Unfortunately I dont have a good enough PC to allow me to play it :'(

@ Anonymous 1: If the second one is better than the first one, than why would I ever play the first one? And like I said this is someone coming into this franchise from the outside.

@ Anonymous 2: Pity dude, I heard DAO is more of a PC title. Sucks that this game wont focus on the main fan base.

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