Friday, February 25, 2011

First glimpse at Modern Warfare 3 next week? And America and Russia have reached a new level of stupidity. Updated!

In the year of 2009, at a game-developers choice awards, We were given our first look at Modern Warfare 2. Now 2 years after, We're nearing the date where the award ceremony is held. Could we be getting our first look at what happened to John "What kind of name is Soap" Price and Sgt."Looking like an Ass" Foley. The answer, Almost 100% likely. A site called Find Makarov started the 5 day countdown which would lead up to the ceremony. Let's hope it's going to go as planned :P.

Now onto the second part of the title. Remember how when Modern Warfare 2 came out, there was a huge amount of controversy over the mission "No Russian" and remember the suicide bombing in a moscow airport last month?. Well Russian media thinks and American media agree, that Modern Warfare 2 gave birth to the idea... I'll give you a second to absorb this supersized portion of bullshit ;)... All done?

Fox news seems to think, along with one of the heads of protection against global terrorism, that Modern Warfare 2 was used as a training program. I can see where they're coming from with this, I mean playing a game that has a near instant healing effect and ridiculous re-loading times that very few people in the world could do whilst in a war setting like that REALLY makes sense... (In case you couldn't tell, i'm being sarcastic) and according to them, Al-Qaeda uses them as Mass training devices. Just what we need terrorists climbing into our interwebz. Now I guess some guy on my COD team who is screaming "ALLAH I BOMB YOU!!" isn't really a deranged retard hoping to be funny but a pal of Old Osamma Bin Laden.

No America... Just no...

Update: Afraid to say that this news is a hoax, Actavision has come out to say that the site is not theirs, and any news about the upcoming Modern Warfare 3 is complete speculation. Apparently the countdown is for an inspired Call Of Duty game in the works by developers name I do not know.


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