Monday, February 7, 2011

Final Fantasy Dissidia Review

Well a bit overdue but as I announced about a month ago, I got a PSP for one of the sole reasons of getting a game i've been craving for quite some time : Final Fantasy Disidia.

Now what is "Disidia"?. Well it's the Final Fantasy equivelant of Nintendo's "Super Smash Bros" series, Marvel VS. Capcom etc. Except with the characters, Both Heroes and Villans, from Final Fantasy 1-10 (With 2 secret characters, 1 from Final Fantasy 11, And Gabranth from Final Fantasy 12). Of course I was interested in this being a long time fan (Since 1997 when I was 3) of the series. Each warrior oppositly faces their counterparts
The forces of chaos on the left
The Forces of Cosmos on the right

As with games like this the story dosen't make a big impact but it does go on for a while. The base story is that there is a war between the gods "Chaos" and "Cosmos" who each assembel a force of 10 warriors from their respective elements of Light and Darkness.

The gameplay is a sort of Batter then Killing blow. You must build up your bravery then once your bravery number is higher than the enemys hp number, you can kill them or just do damage to them if it's lower. Each character has their own equipment, some being exclusive and each has unique combo moves. To get a great understanding of what this is like look up some fight scenes from the Final Fantasy Advent Children fights

As I said earlier, the story isn't too great. Although there are some great cutscenes and I especially love the CGI ending. The music in this game is great and a very welcome edition. Each song is a remix of an original Final Fantasy song, Such as their battle themes, Boss themes, World themes and Last boss themes with a few originals thrown into the mix. The character selection is amazing and makes me want to play those I havent played yet.

Overall I'd give this game an 7 out of 10

The graphics are done really well for a game with such rapid and active combat. The interactivity of the scenery is brilliant such as sending people through columns and roofs. The combos are unique and work well for each characters. It loses the points for some General flaws such as move spamming long range attacks and awful story. However a sequel has been announced for late March so hopefully it'll improve on it's predecessors minor flaws.


Major.Mack said...

never been a fan of final fantasy, this doesnt look like it will make me one :(

Theusualtype said...

Well you would already need to be one. This is just a combat compilation game of the series.

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