Tuesday, February 22, 2011

The 3DS update

As I write this to you, It's 30 days 13 hours 2 minutes and 3 seconds until the release date of the 3DS. For the last hour i've been polishing my DSI removing stickers and fingerprints on it in order to get a great discount. It's been a while since I discussed the 3DS so i'll talk a bit about some of the major things that have happened since.

Yesterday there was a bit of a flurry as a chinese tech site, got their 3DS and dismantled it posting detailed pictures of their accomplishment for the whole world to see... For me even the individual parts have an amazing glow to them.
In regards to the Pokémon re-make of Pokemon White and Black for the 3ds, GameFreak have yet again decided to fuck us over with yet ANOTHER mid edition coming out 1 year after the next. It hasn't officially been announced but been subtly hinted at. What's worse is for Black and White there will be NO extra features. Essentially them saying FUCK YOU to the people who will have shelled about 10-15 extra for the 3DS version to be dissapointed.

Backwards compatability is definitly appearing on the 3DS. Big news especially if you wanted to trade in an earlier console. I shall keep my original Cinder-block DS forever :D!, It's just to important.

A feature called game coins has been announced. These coins can be used to unlock things. Usually it's easy to shake things such as a Wii remote in WII fit, pedometer etc. and just reap the rewards with no effort. Thing about the 3DS is that it makes it difficult to cheat. You get one coin per 100 steps, you can get a maximum of 10 coins a day and a max. overall of 300. That means either a month of walking 1000 steps a day, or... *ahem* " A lengthy "Private" time".
Bad news on the 3DS E-Shop front. Apparently we won't be getting until May. However by the looks of the screenshots it will be worth the month-long wait.
While the Chinese destroy consoles it appears other countries can control themselves. A store in the GAME branch (the people who kindly gave us the release date gave us a look of the console unboxed as well as the 6 Augmented Reality cards which can be seen in the E3 trailers.
Finally just thought i'd show you the new Economic and Eco-Friendly game cases.
That's all from me. Until next time ;)


RetroKingSimon said...

I have to admit, the 3DS does look pretty sweet. Just needs an F-Zero game now :P

Theusualtype said...

Well Simon i'm sure that it won't be too long seeing as they are remaking a lot of famous titles for it ;)

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