Saturday, February 19, 2011

The Sims 3 Review

The Sims, The decade running SIMulation game (Excuse the pun). I've been with this game from the start, back with Age of Empires 2 graphics, 2 skin tones, Adult and Children only. It may seem like I was messed up as a child but I found nothing more fun than making a hedge maze only to burn it down... With my sims still inside. Well enough of my sadistic confession and on with the review. When I first got my laptop I discovered Torrents. I remembered playing the Sims 2 in my friends houses, so I got it. A few days later I got it's sequel, "The Sims 3" and here's what I think of it.

From left to right, The Sims from a decade a go to present day

The Sims 3 followed the base that it's predecessor had. Build a family, a house then live with these. The Sims 3 however was fired like a cannonball at the limits of what a Sims game could be. There were a lot of new features straight off the bat.

  • Obviously a new Sims game means new Clothes, Hair, Objects etc. Various new things were included while older ones discluded. A welcome edition being the Guitar and a sad to see discluded piano were important for me.
  • A new method of building a house was included. Objects which didn't take up an entire new square as what had happened in The Sims 1 and 2. Some of these had some interactions such as fancy pants stereo systems and such while there were VERY welcome miscellaneous additions to the decorative objects such as Toilet paper, Cutlery, Towels, Radiators and much more
  • There was a renovation to the way you travel to and from town in the game as now instead of traveling from one area to another, each showing no sign of civilasation for miles when there could be a house next door. Buildings such as hospitals, City halls, Galleries, Gyms, Schools are all easy to access in one giant non loading world.

  • Of course a sequel wouldn't be complete without a minor or major adjustment to graphics/sound. Sims now look a lot more realistic and work well with customization. Individual points on faces can now be changed. From Cheeks to chins, From eyes to ears and everything in between.
I really enjoyed this game so far that it prompted me to get the real edition, Something very rare for me to do and only one other series (Professor Layton) prompted me to do. I recently bought the Ambitions and World Adventures expansion packs. Both are also worth it, but that's for another review. What I REALLY like about the Sims 3 is the community. Sights around the web offer people free DLC like player made lots, outfits, objects and so on. There's some good stuff floating around there and don't forget about the exclusive free DLC for those who have bought the game and the Sims store. Essentially the expansions never end as long as there are people to play it.

To me this game is near-perfect for a life simulation game. Therefore it's a 7.5 from me. There is a beef that I have with this game and it's the fact that they removed features made by further expansions YET AGAIN. One I really will miss is pets but besides that it's an amazing game.


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i could never figure out these games
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