Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Bulletstorm Launch Trailer!

The highly anticipated and skeptical Bulletstorm get its release this week with today in the US and on Friday everywhere else. The reviews are in and its highly praised. 
Bulletstorm has been getting mainly positive reviews floating on the internet. Not hitting lower than an 8 is a sure winner in any games case.

Adrian Chmeilarz, the games creative director, and Tanya Jessen , the games producer, have been buzzing all day on the internet from the amount of success the game has been receiving. Achieving a straight 10/10 on one site really shows how successful the games getting. 

The trailer doesn't really reflect what the game is trying to show, but then again it does give a lot about the storyline. 

Im defiantly buying my copy this Friday so check back to see what I think! 


Theusualtype said...

Saw this on TV last night. Looks amazing. Gonna download the demo later :P

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