Sunday, February 27, 2011

Gears Of War 3 Release Date Official 20/9/11, Beta Release Mid April and Box Art Revealed!

Yay! Gears Of War 3 is back on the scene with a new release date, some awesome news on the beta and a sexy new box art. So now to get right in on it!
First up is the sexy Beta that will be released mid April for all the folks who pre-ordered Bulletstorm. From the Epic Edition of Bulletstorm you will get access to the Beta a month before it goes public (win for me). They also mentioned there is other ways to get access to the beta before it goes public however none was described.

Once you have gotten the Beta there is plenty of unlockable goodness you will get from the Beta that will be transferred onto the full edition on September 20. The only way to get the gold Plancer( Retro Lancer/ Pendulum Wars Lancer) is to play 90 matches in the beta to unlock it. Then kill 100 players with it, if so then you achieve this when you pick up the full game. You also can get the awesome Thrashball Cole skin if you play 70 matches to unlock it in the beta and then 13 matches wearing the skin.

There are 4 guns you get access to and choose from when you get the beta. Your main weapon will be either a Lancer or Hamerburst and your secondary weapon will either be Gnasher or Double Barrelled Shotgun.

The executions you get to perform in the beta are pretty slick. You will have to press down Y if you wish to curb stomp the enemy and hold it down to perform a weapon specific execution. To pick up up the enemy as a meat shield you press X and by pressing up on the D pad to bag'n tag them.

There are many different skins you get to unlock for the Lancer, heres a slideshow showing them off: 

The beta will have three game modes that will be playable from day one. There is Team Deathmatch, King Of The Hill (fusion between King of The Hill and Annex) and Capture the Leader (fusion between Guardian and Submission). Team Deathmatch has a nice twist where each team has 15 credits that get reduced every time you die, adds a nice tension towards the end of the game. 

The box art has finally been released for everyone to imagine what they're going to be holding on September 20. It look very tasty, unlike the last two which where very dark and used a lot of  amber, this one seems to be gritty but a lighter perspective on it. I wonder if there will be any special editions announced soon? 

Well thats all the news I have to offer hopefully more will come eventually, but at least we have a date to look forward to. Here me very excited! 


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