Monday, February 7, 2011

Marvel vs Capcom 3 Galactus Boss Fight Trailer

Nope, this is not a spoiler. Whether you want to experience it yourself or just love the element of surprise either way your going to be fighting the tyrant Galactus when Marvel vs Capcom 3 arrives on February the 18th. 

And from this video Galactus is one tough dude to beat taking on all of are heroes. But hopefully things will be different when I get my hands on the game. Galactus is probably the most powerful being in the Marvel universe that consumes entire planets for him to survive. He never ate Earth because in issue 50 of the Fantastic Four he promised the Silver Surfer that he wouldn't consume the planet if the Surfer would leave Galactus, but had to stay on Earth for eternity.

Now im starting to wonder, why is the Silver Surfer not in this game? It would be awesome to see him up against his creator, plus he's like extremely powerful probably the only one how could take down Galactus. 



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