Wednesday, February 23, 2011

The BioShock Movie Is The Only Hope For A Good Video Game Port Over

The BioShock movie has been in development limbo for quite a couple of years now and looks like nothing is going to change that. Gore Verbinski has been attached to the project from the beginning and surprisingly hasn't left just yet. He is the only person who has faith in BioShock. 

Gore Verbinski is a big name in Hollywood, so in definitive terms "big name in Hollywood" means he can bring in lots of cash. Which is great for any director in Hollywood but when creating a horror game such as BioShock you wouldn't expect studio heads to go all hands on deck for the project. Its a fact that all producers and directors alike have to face when getting money for a project the accessibility of the movie. Studio's these days are literally only going to look for movies at a PG 13 rating, why you ask? Because studio's in the industry want to get all sets of people to see the movie. Take Avatar for example, James Cameron doesn't have any magic power over the box office he is simply a good director. Avatar is the highest grossing film ever made because it got all sets of people to see it which are the nerds, kids, moms, action buffs  and the critics. BioShock could, at maximum, get 3 sets of these people.

BioShock would never appeal to moms and kids, the main and biggest target market in Hollywood. Gore Verbinski says himself that “I just wanted to really, really make it a movie where, four days later, you’re still shivering and going, ‘Jesus Christ!,’” unfortunately this cant be done at PG 13. 

“I wasn't really interested in pursuing a PG-13 version, because the R rating is inherent. Little Sisters and injections and the whole thing.” 

BioShock is sadly still in development not going anywhere unless Verbinski finds a studio that will cash a check and make it an over 18 movie. The likelihood of this is very slime although I do hope it happens at all. Gore Verbinski pulled out of the directors position a long time ago and since Juan Carlos Fresnadillo as expressed his interest in the project and has even went to meet Verbinski. Gore Verbinski stands as a producer at this point. 

Its sad to be honest, the first I heard about the announcement of this movie I was very much excited I honestly thought that the era of bad video game port over to movies was over. BioShock has the most amazing story I have ever seen in a video game nothing beats it. It just takes a good director to make it an amazing movie and I am glad that Verbinski, like myself, has huge hopes for it. And is not accepting a PG 13 rating because lets face it, it would ruin the whole movie. BioShock to me is the only hope video game port overs have, its great story and immersive world is perfect for movies and its the only chance video games have in the movie world. 


Major.Mack said...

this game looked like it licked so bad i never tried it. i dont think i would check the movie...maybe on dvd

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