Wednesday, February 9, 2011

L.A. Noire First Gameplay Trailer

It is clear to say that everyone is very interested in what Rockstars next epic will be, considering that Red Dead Redemption was a clear winner of the majority of Game Of The Year titles last year. It could be said that Red Dead Redemption is GTA IV in the wild west, but LA Noire? Well its completely different altogether. 

Finally the first video of Gameplay has been released, and to be completely honest it is breathtaking at how good this game looks. But my only problem is gun play it didn't look at all appealing, something really mediocre I thought.

The game looks good but as for the action I am very curious about, I compare it to Mafia 2's action scenes and it just doesnt look that good compared to Red Dead or Mafia. Be interesting to see if a demo comes out or whenever I get a taste of the game. Redgardless still looking forward to May 17. 


Joe said...

Yep looks pretty good. I wish all games had the Euphoria physics engine and this game's facial animation things.

Major.Mack said...

Looks interesting, I dunno though.

Adam Timmins said...

Getting the same feeling too, and the game's facial animation look revolutionary!

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