Sunday, February 20, 2011

Saints Row 3 Leaks First Images!

The yet to be unveiled Saints Row 3 got its first three images on the internet just yesterday and two things can already be confirmed.

According to a thread at NeoGaf this is meant to be the cover for the next Game Informer issue since they always like to deliver the announcements and first looks. It must be a Game Informer cover because everything seems to be focusing on the right of the image just like all Game Informer covers. 

Interesting to see, the man at the front must be Johnny Gat considering no one else from the game looks like a cast member of Jersey Shore than Mr. Gat. Either Gat or a bodyguard, but most likely Gat. 


Zombie said...

Looks pretty cool

Blake said...

Dammit, I picked up Saints Row 2 for $10 about a year ago. Its been sitting in my pile of shame every since.

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